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The RBA has cut interest rates SIX times since June 2019. Take advantage of these historically low rates today.

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Lower your interest rate

Improve your financial position by refinancing to a lower interest rate.

————— Good For —————

  • Reducing your repayments and the amount of interest you will pay
  • Increasing cash flow for other investments
  • Saving for life events and retirement

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Take cash out of your mortgage

Leverage your property and use the equity for your financial benefit.

————— Good For —————

  • Diversifying into other investment assets
  • Repaying other higher-interest debts
  • Renovating your property to increase rental income and liveability

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Calculate your repayments

Use our mortgage calculator to work out your existing repayments.

————— Good For —————

  • Creating a budget plan
  • Seeing how making extra repayments can reduce the total interest you will pay
  • Learning how different variables affect your mortgage repayment

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We’re obsessed with exceeding your expectations and providing an experience that is unmatched

“Working with the team at Odin has been a pleasure. There are a lot of expat-specific nuances when it comes to getting a mortgage in Australia, something a lot local brokers are fairly clueless about. Having refinanced with local brokers in the past and now recently with Odin, it is super clear that using a team who specialises in expat/foreigner mortgages makes a world of difference. They do everything they can to make the process as easy and painless as possible! Highly recommend!”

StevenGoogle Review

“Just refinanced my Australia mortgage with the guys from Odin in HK completely hassle free. Very prfessional and knowledgeable with the market and helped us secure an amazing rate. Would definitely recommend!”

Davide WGoogle Review

“I highly recommend Odin! They are friendly, professional, extremely knowledgeable and make the whole process so much easier. My situation was quite complicated but they were able to find a lender that suited my needs and were able to help me to understand what was needed ahead of time.”

Chloe RimingtonGoogle Review

“Ben and the team at Odin delivered an excellent service from start to finish. From my first call with Ben he was easy to deal with, gave great advice and managed the whole process so that is was (almost) stress free. Personally, I would recommend Ben to anyone seeking assistance with international mortgages and refinancing. Also, the platform Odin uses for submitting documents and offer tracking is the best I have experienced. Odin provides the full package of high tech and high touch service.”

Sommer NisbetFacebook Review

“Thanks for the exceptional customer service and great understanding with bank lending policy. We would have been in deep trouble, if we did not approach Odin. They have been prospecting around the market and found a lender has policies to suit our needs with tight turn round time. and most importantly, “Settled the loan before the deadline.” Really appreciated.”

Adam ChengGoogle Review

“The services provided by the team at Odin was professional and smooth. They provided tailored guidance along the way and made the whole financing experience easy. Plus they were able to identify the best product available on the market for me.”

Zhijun XuGoogle Review

“Nobody could help with my mortgage except these guys. Definitely the best Aussie expat brokers in Hong Kong. Thanks boys!”

Steven ZFacebook Review

“Highly recommend Odin Mortgage. They are friendly, efficient, organised and happy to answer any questions you may have!”

Voon ChaiGoogle Review

“I recently refinanced my Aussie mortgage through Odin Mortgage. They got me the best deal on the market and made the whole process very easy and seamless from start to end. They’re also extremely familiar with and experienced in helping Aussie expats living in HK with their Aussie mortgages, which really makes a huge difference. Excellent and professional service, cannot recommend them more!”

Nana LinGoogle Review

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